About this site

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) hold a great deal of promise for addressing a number of public health challenges we face today. This site is a collection of content that can be used by public health professionals and others to learn how to apply GIS to their work. Much of the content comes from courses, training workshops or seminars I’ve taught (more on that below), and I attempt to organize it along consistent themes that you’ve likely encountered, or will encounter on the job.

These resources may also help other educators who are already teaching a GIS course but want to add a bit of public health content into their lesson plans. While my focus is primarily on a graduate student audience, many of these materials can be modified for a different audience.

This site is most consistently updated around the time that I’m teaching a course of some sort, and less frequently in between courses. I do include resources that I encounter elsewhere and will post them here when I think there’s a broad applicability to visitors to this site.

I also maintain this site advertising-free, and the same goes for the video tutorials. There’s enough of that elsewhere, and I intend this to be eventually as complete a resource as possible. So, if you’re aware of something that you think would work particularly well here, feel free to suggest it!