GIS Data

GIS Data

The following are sample datasets that I sometimes reference during class, training or tutorials. If you want to use any of these data sets for professional work, research, or for other uses other than learning GIS it’s probably best to go back to the original source.

Many of these datasets are also referenced in the various video tutorials.

General Interest GIS Datasets

John Snow Dataset - this dataset, from the Yale GIS Workshops, includes both the John Snow cholera dataset in a geodatabase file format and sample ArcGIS project files. The site includes a number of other nice datasets, tutorials, and more.

West Nile Virus Outbreaks Dataset and Tutorial - This is a nice tutorial by Jeff Blossom, and is one of Esri’s many good (and free) SpatialLAB tutorials. It’s a good way to learn some of the features of the Spatial Analyst extension within ArcGIS, and uncover spatial patterns in disease outbreaks.

USDA Food Desert Dataset

Los Angeles KML Dataset - Used with the mobile tracking tutorial.

Journalists killed since 1992 - Dataset from the Committee to Protect Journalists - . See for more information.

Executions in the US from 1608-2002: The Espy File - The Excel document can also be found here. New York City Datasets

Asthma Emergency Department Visits (Youths and Adults) - This dataset comes from the Environmental Public Health and Sustainability Tracking Portal and represents ED visits with a principal diagnosis of asthma as an age-adjusted rate. The fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) data represents air sample data at monitoring sites measured in units of micrograms per cubic meter of air. These data can be joined to the UHF 42 shapefile.

NYC Flu Clinics - A list of NYC flu clinics, for geocoding.

NYC Schools Dataset - A spreadsheet representing all public schools in New York City. Used for geocoding and determining school catchment areas. Map created with the NYC Community Health Survey data

Map created with the NYC Community Health Survey data

NYC Community Health Survey data, 2007 (Shapefile)

NYC Community Health Survey data, 2008 (Shapefile)

NYC Dept of Health Customer Service Centers (Shapefile)

NYC District Public Health boundaries (Shapefile)

NYC District Public Health office locations (Shapefile)

NYC ZIP Code Areas - This shapefile represents NYC ZIP Code areas. A newer version of this file is available elsewhere.

NYC Borough Boundaries - This shapefile represents NYC Borough boundaries. A newer version of this file is available from the NYC Department of City Planning’s web site.

Giardia and Samonella Case Counts by ZIP - This spreadsheet represents fictional case count data for Giardia and Samonella by NYC ZIP Code. This dataset can be easily joined to the NYC ZIP Code Areas file.

Brooklyn Hipster Dataset - Inspired by this Business Insider article (note: I have absolutely nothing against Hipsters). This dataset is a handy way to explore the US Census Bureau’s very cool Census Flows Mapper application.

Dengue Fever Data by Country and Year (1955-2011) - from the World Health Organization

## Other Resources

ColorBrewer Style - Cynthia Brewer’s ColorBrewer style is a great way to add well thought out color pallets into ArcGIS. For full licensing information, please download from Esri. You can also visit the interactive website for ColorBrewer. There’s also an Excel document with the color patches included, which can be useful for grabbing RGB values. More information is available on the website.

New York City Community Health Survey Atlas, 2010