Lesson Five

Lesson Five

Pattern Analysis Exercise (Data and Tutorial)

Spatial Epidemiology Handbook for R (DiMaggio)

Developing a Supermarket Need Index (Smith et al)

Most Cited Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Epidemiology Articles

GIS Final Project (Sample)

Due Date:


Create a GIS project that synthesizes what you learned in the GIS course to spatially analyze information of interest to you and your field of study. Pick a topic that includes spatial information then find data that can be displayed and analyzed using GIS. Your projects will vary depending on the topic and you will be graded on the overall design and quality of maps, relevance of information to the project, complexity of project, GIS tools used, and use of GIS for spatial analysis. GIS data can be obtained from a variety of sources including the Internet, obtained from an organization you work with, or digitized by you.

General Criteria:

 Effective communication of overall project

Effective design and layout

    Effective use of symbology and text

Effective use of color



    Output quality

Overall impact

 Spatial analysis component

   Complexity of GIS processes used

Project Rules and What to Turn In:

  1. Save all files to C:\GistutorialHealth\Answers\Casestudy2.

  2. Create a geodatabase for organizing your shapefiles and databases. Turn this in with any additional files used in the final project.

  3. Clean all files and include only the relevant data for the project. DO NOT turn in original files that are not used in the final project (e.g. zip files from ESRI or US census, files before clipping, etc.) Turn in only files that are used in your project.

  4. Create image files for all of your maps (.PDF or .JPG.)

  5. Create a Word document that includes text describing your project.

a. Include the detailed source for all of your files.

b. Include the GIS processes used with step by step explanations of complex geoprocessing procedures or graphical descriptions of new GIS methodologies

  1. Create a Power Point presentation of your project that includes map layouts and/or brief explanations of your maps.