Lesson Zero

Lesson Zero

GIS in Health and Human Services (download just the chapter)

Spatial Turn in Health Research. Douglas B. Richardson et al.

The New Cartographers.

The Modern Mapmakers.

Preparatory Assignment

ArcGIS Online Tutorial Working with GIS Data

A challenging aspect of learning GIS is the loading and saving of the GistutorialHealth data files.

GISTutorial for Health has map layers ranging from the world to the United States to city neighborhood blocks. The more you zoom into an area, the more detail there is. Neighborhoods have the most map detail, with street curbs and centerlines, land parcel boundaries, building footprints, and street address-based administrative data.

C:\GistutorialHealth is a sample of the above data sets and uses approximately 700 MB of disk space. If you need to free hard drive disk space, you can delete the C:\GistutorialHealth\SolutionsComponents folder.

When working on GIS Tutorial for Health tutorials and homework problems, you MUST store the GIS files in the C:\GistutorialHealth folder and click RELATIVE PATHS in the project. Many of the ArcMap project paths are already pointing to this folder and TA’s will not have another drive when grading the assignments.

DO NOT work from any other location (e.g. a folder with your name). Some of the files are only pointed to and the TA will not be able to access them if they are not in C:\GistutorialHealth.

As always, be sure to make a backup important files as you go, and save frequently when working in ArcGIS. Saving Homework Files

A folder “Answers” is located in C:\GistutorialHealth (C:\GistutorialHealth\Answers). You will store ALL homework and case assignments here. Homework, case assignments, and independent projects require input files listed in each assignment. You will be creating output files for each assignment. There will be a variety of files to submit and each assignment lists the files to submit that week. Please follow these instructions carefully. Homework File Example

For example, there are 3 files to submit in the second homework assignment. You will save these files in a folder called C:\GistutorialHealth\Answers\Assignment2. Files stored in any other folder will be returned and the homework must be redone in the proper location.

NOTE: The ArcView projects that you create will “point to” map files and data files that already exist in the C:\GistutorialHealth\ folder on your computer. ArcView does not make redundant copies of these files in its .mxd projects. For example, an ArcView project may expect that certain components will be on paths such as C:\GistutorialHealth \UnitedStates\States for a map of states in the USA. You will not e-mail these existing maps to us. Instead, we will use our own copies of the maps on our computers, on identical paths (e.g., C:\GistutorialHealth\UnitedStates\States). We will just plug in the new components that you create and send to us. That saves a lot of time and file space in submitting assignments – the map files are HUGE. Please be sure to ask questions if you have trouble understanding what needs to be turned in.

Later assignments are more complicated. You will begin editing files and will need to turn in the edited layers. Turning in one ZIP File

There are too many files to be submitted separately. You will submit a single zipped file, using PKZip or WinZip.

Include your MSSM ID and the homework number in the file name. For example, suppose your MSSM ID is “goranson”, the file naming convention for you would be goransonhwk1.zip (which includes C:\GistutorialHealth\Answers\Assignment2\ Assignment2-1.mxd, C:\GistutorialHealth\Answers\Assignment2\ Assignment2-2.mxd, and C:\GistutorialHealth\Answers\Assignment2\ Assignment2.doc, all with full paths) Setting relative paths in ArcMap

If you wish to work on a drive other than C:\, you need to save ALL projects as relative paths. The following steps explain how to do this.

Launch ArcMap.

Click File, Map Properties…

Click the Data Source Options…button.

Click the Store relative path names option