Data Management Basics (CDC)

Data Management Basics (CDC)

In this course by the Centers for Disease Control, you’ll learn how to work with spatial relationships, edit existing datasets, calculate values using the field calculator, learn about and work with metadata.

Module 1: Leveraging the Where of Geographic Data
Module 2: Editing Attribute Tables
Module 3: Getting Started with Metadata

GIS Data Creation and Management (Stanford)

A handy workshop from the Stanford Geospatial Center covers a number of helpful topics including georeferencing images, importing GPS data, importing tabular data, geocoding and joining tables. If you want to follow along with the video below, download the sample datasets and PDF documents to try your hand at the various tasks. The video tutorial is around 3 hours in length from beginning to end. This is a recorded version of the GIS Data Creation & Management workshop by Branner Library GIS Services on October 19th, 2012. This video is intended to be used for review of concepts and tools demonstrated during the workshop. It is not intended as a substitute for attending the workshop.

How to create geographic data from scratch (PDF - Stanford Branford Library GIS Services)
How to add Excel data to ArcMap (PDF - Stanford Branford Library GIS Services).  
How to georeference a raster dataset (PDF - Stanford Branford Library GIS Services)

Classic Cartography (Yale)

Ever wondered how to make your map in ArcGIS look a little bit more like one you’d find in a library? A really nice tutorial by Stacey Maples and the Yale GIS Workshops will walk you through the creation of custom representations for topography, working with hillshades, creating coastal vignettes, Rhumb Lines, custom north arrows and more.

Stacey Maple’s map example from the Classic Cartography in ArcMap course (Maples 2010)